Pre-Appointment Information & Downloads


If you made a booking for a complete eye examination, we would like to thank you for letting us look after your eye health and vision care needs. In order to give you the best care possible and provide the most beneficial use of your time with us, please download and complete the appropriate form (listed below) and bring it with you 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Our Optometrists would like to give you the most thorough care possible, so please allow at least 40 minutes for your eye examination.

  1. Download our Pre-School questionnaire (PDF)

  2. Download our School questionnaire (PDF)

  3. Download our Adult questionnaire (PDF)

Please bring the following along to your appointment:

  1. The completed questionnaire form

  2. Your Medicare card, Private Health Insurance card or Veteran Affairs card as appropriate, to help process rebates.

  3. All current spectacles and sunglasses

  4. If you wear contact lenses, please wear them to your appointment along with your contact lens case. If you do not have the prescription, it is helpful to bring the boxes or lens packets that indicate the lens manufacturer, brand name, power, base curve and diameter

  5. Any prescription and non prescription eye drops and ointments that you use daily or occasionally.

  6. Any referrals or relevant reports from a Psychologist, Optometrist, Speech Pathologist or Occupational Therapist.

Additional Information:


A behavioural eye examination may require us to perform additional testing, i.e. visual perceptual testing, which is not covered under Medicare or your private Health Fund. We encourage parents to accompany their child to the appointment and to refrain where possible from bringing siblings to the eye examination.


In order to better evaluate your eye health, the Optometrist may need to use drops to dilate your pupils. Side effects of pupil dilation include temporary light sensitivity, along with reduction in reading or near vision. Although it is uncommon to experience a significant reduction in distance vision after dilation, this temporary side effect may occur with some patients. It is therefore advisable to bring your sunglasses and/or arrange a driver to take you home. The Optometrist may need to perform additional tests such as the Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) or Topography, which will incur an additional cost.


Our standard fee for a first consultation ranges from $120 to $190. In most cases there will be a rebate from Medicare. Additional testing that maybe required will incur an extra cost. Reports requested by patients are ordinarily not included in the consultation. Comprehensive reports will incur an additional time based fee.