Kylie Maidment

Kylie graduated from the University of Auckland with a PhD in Psychology in 2004. Her thesis was on laterality (how the left and right sides of the brain communicate) and handedness. She did a three year post doc at Trinity College, Dublin. Her research was on a rare multisensory condition called synaesthesia where people experience, for example, letters and numbers or music in colour (due to cross wiring in the visual areas of the brain). She moved to Sydney in 2007 and has worked as research manager for Brain Resource and the Medical Technology Association of Australia.

More recently, as the mother of two young boys, Kylie has opened her eyes (pun intended) to the world of vision and retrained as a vision therapist. She is passionate about helping children learn to use their eyes to change their brains (neuroplasticity) and loves seeing kids grow and change in so many positive ways with a course of vision therapy.