Carolyn McIlvin (Dip. Optom.)

Carolyn graduated from Optometry School in South Africa in 1987 and moved to England in 1988 to complete bridging qualifications and registration in the United Kingdom. After working in a number practices in the UK she migrated to Australia in 1990.

Since the age of 13 Carolyn has wanted to be an optometrist. With a family history of myopia she had regular visits to the optometrist. During her final years at University, the Paediatric and Children’s Vision components were what she most enjoyed.  Her passion for behavioural vision was ignited when one of her sons required help with his learning. Since then Carolyn has completed the Optometric Extension Foundation Program (USA) and continues to improve her skills in Behavioural Vision by attending Australasian College Behavioural Optometrists courses and conferences. Carolyn now has also achieved her Fellowship in Behavioural Optometry after completing the Behavioural Masters unit at UNSW.

Carolyn enjoys full scope optometry including contact lenses, Ortho K and general optometry; however her major interest is in working with children with learning difficulties and visual processing difficulties.  In addition she enjoys the challenge of working with patients who have experienced brain injuries, in order to improve their day to day life and general skills. She develops all the Vision therapy programming for the practice and is involved in the continued education of our Vision Therapists.

Carolyn regularly gives talks to teachers, parents and allied professionals to educate them about the role of vision and its connection to learning. Carolyn has assisted in the training of Optometrists in Functional vision testing and has presented cases for Optometrists at Optometrists Association Australia (OAA) Continuing Education lectures.