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Deb Lane

Accredited Vision Therapist – ACBO

Deb graduated with a Diploma in Physical Education in 1980 from The Australian College Of Physical Education. Over the next 15 years Deborah taught Physical Education, Health, Drama and Dance at Brisbane Girls Grammar, Kelvin Grove State High School, Manly Selective and SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

As an educator, coach, sports woman and mother she has always been interested in fitness and Sports Science. Her interests heightened when her son, an elite Rugby player seriously injured himself and began using Visual Perception and Peripheral Vision exercises to better prepare himself for his return to the game.

Deb joined the team in 2008 and has since become a committed and enthusiastic believer in Vision Therapy. She has attended numerous VT Courses with Julie and continues to learn new techniques thru in-service courses held with Carolyn. VT is growing and changing constantly to the benefit of our patients.

“l often comment that Little Miracles are happening in-room on a regular basis”. To change a child’s life forever is rewarding, to see the joy and pride on the parents’ faces, is the icing on the cake!!  I’m excited to be a part of this process!!

Julie McCourt

Accredited Vision Therapist – ACBO

Julie was born in Zambia and educated in Zimbabwe. Growing up she travelled extensively as a family, which in turn led to a career in corporate travel, working and living in Kitwe, Durban, London and Chicago.

Now living in Sydney, having moved here 18 years ago from Botswana, with her husband Greg and two children, Julie has worked for the past 10 years in the optometric and educational industry.

Her passion for the last four years has been in Vision Therapy, which she describes as, “A window that opens up not only a patient’s awareness and control of their eyes, but their ability to change their balance, concentration, confidence, mood and academic achievements”.

V.T.  enables a person to engage, not only with themselves but with the world.

“Every day presents a new challenge, every child/adult is their own personality – I love it !!!”

Kylie Maidment

Accredited Vision Therapist – ACBO

Kylie graduated from the University of Auckland with a PhD in Psychology in 2004. Her thesis was on laterality (how the left and right sides of the brain communicate) and handedness. She did a three year post doc at Trinity College, Dublin. Her research was on a rare multisensory condition called synaesthesia where people experience, for example, letters and numbers or music in colour (due to cross wiring in the visual areas of the brain). She moved to Sydney in 2007 and has worked as research manager for Brain Resource and the Medical Technology Association of Australia.

More recently, as the mother of two young boys, Kylie has opened her eyes (pun intended) to the world of vision and retrained as a vision therapist. She is passionate about helping children learn to use their eyes to change their brains (neuroplasticity) and loves seeing kids grow and change in so many positive ways with a course of vision therapy.